In 1992 I started playing the piano and music became an important part of my life. This page contains an selection of musicals, compositions and improvisations and theater productions. Please find my music in movies, mp3 and sheet music.



In 1996 I started composing music. The first serious composition, Rêverie is classical music for piano and violin.

Rêverie - Pdf *

Non-classic compositions came later. For example, Afscheid (Dutch for goodbye) was written in cooperation with my mother for the passing of a loved one and Insecurity was composed after a personal relationship.

La Chasse Naturelle

In 2003 I produced La Chasse Naturelle. This piece for piano combines classical music with jazz. A recording can be downloaded as mp3. I recorded and processed La Chasse Naturelle myself by using a Yamaha P-80 digital piano. Also the score can be downloaded.

La Chasse Naturelle - Pdf *
La Chasse Naturelle - Mp3 *


After three years of accompagnying the "Doortochtkoor" in Zoetermeer, I composed as a fairwell gift the following music in december 2003. It consists of Kyrië, Sanctus, Lam Gods, Voorbede-acclamatie and Onze Vader.

Doortochtmis - Pdf *

C'est Fragile

In 2004 and 2005 I composed and recorded C'est Fragile. Containing three parts, it starts with a melancholic piece. Second is a slow, tragic piece of music. In concludes with a fragile part, which comes best into play if listened to directly after the first two parts. Score and mp3 are here for downloading.

C'est Fragile (1) - Pdf *
C'est Fragile (2) - Pdf *
C'est Fragile (3) - Pdf *

C'est Fragile (1) - Mp3 *
C'est Fragile (2) - Mp3 *
C'est Fragile (3) - Mp3 *

Theater productions and accompag

A lot of my activities in music involves accompaniment other musicians, mainly singers. As of 1999, I am active in the world of musicals. As founder and chairman of the foundation (Stichting in Dutch,, I have performed and organized a large variety of musical and theater productions throughout the region. It all started with the fantastic musical Children of Eden, written by Stephen Schwartz. Since, I appeared as pianist in 20 musicals and started conducting from 2010. I also played percussion in various musicals. I worked with various theater companies, amongst others Zpinazie (, Greg and Baud (, Waanzin (, Treatief (, Storytellers (

Next to musicals I have been musical leader for the music theater shows of Reflectie ( from 2000 until 2008. For Reflectie, I have composed and arranged music for the shows Poeh poeh o ja, Dejavu, Hebbes and De Zolder. In those shows we performed the music in different arrangements and theaters. Furthermore, I was the initiator of the Musicalday, of which can be found more on the site It was organized three times between 2009 and 2013 a full day in Zoetermeer with highlights from musicals, performed by 100+ live musicians and singers.


Fields of Gold & No frontiers mash-up


An mixed tango, classical, western, improvisation. Be swept away. Recorded on 8 Feburary 2014.

Solitang - Mp3 *

In Vain

An improvisation with only harmonics. The harmonics together emerge in a variety of simultaneous melodies: music as a complex system.

In Vain - Mp3 *


Flowing River


Friday Afternoon

This improvisation is the result of a misarble cold and rainy friday afternoon, the 19th of March in 2004.

Friday Afternoon - Mp3 *

Vintage Improvisation

Improvising on a tune from the eighties on a vintage piano.

Vintage Improvisation - Mp3 *

Electronic Jazz

A little bit of light jazz...

Electronic Jazz - Mp3 *

Lonely Tonight

Piano music that goes well with candle light...

Lonely Tonight - Mp3 *

The Explorer

Exploring the tension between classical and pop music...

The Explorer - Mp3 *

Hard Shoulder

Impro to be listened to on the road...

Hard Shoulder - Mp3 *

Dark Flux

About the gap between rain and wind...

Dark Flux - Mp3 *

Sweet Melancholy

Improvisation about modesty, desire and contemplation...

Sweet Melancholy - Mp3 *

Calm Wanders

Quiet improvisation...

Calm Wanders - Mp3


Improvising when the mind wanders off...

Daydream - Mp3 *


On 18 October 2003 I recorded my first blues, using the Yamaha P-80 digital piano. In addition I used the bass guitar, rhodes, strings and soprano saxophone from the Yamaha S-03. My second blues is from 15th of June, 2005. It is a blues in A key on piano en double bass. The third blues is called, Vibra Blues, is a first recording with a marimba, in C, accompanied by myself on piano.

My First Blues - Mp3 *
My Second Blues - Mp3 *
Vibra Blues - Mp3 *