This page contains a selection of recordings my music. I distinguish: original songs, a section on mashups and covers, recordings of Dutch children's songs, and a section on orchestral music, conducting, musicals and films. See also my sheet music page for originals. And you can find more on: Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

Originals (songs and improvisations)

This lists a number of my original songs and improvisations.

Attic Improvs

Do you know the smell, the feel, the adventure, the quietness, the memories of attics? I'm looking to find and capture these with quiet improvisations. I'd like to share a comforting feeling of a quiet place where you can get at ease with yourself and the world. This pilot, nr 1, comes from my own attic: a modern, hybrid space for work & for recording.

Want to help/contribute? If you'd be willing to share your attic/can help in my search or with shooting (I could benefit from better shooting!) I'd be delighted!!

Circles (sheet music)

One Hand Lullaby (sheet music)

The Tower (theme, sheet music)

The Explorer

Friday Afternoon



Mashups and covers

Fields of gold and No frontiers

Flowing River


Children's songs (Dutch)

Aan de kant (sheet music)

IJsjes (sheet music)

Water (sheet music)

Gatenkaas (sheet music)

Orchestral music, conducting, musicals and films

The Dream (sheet music, an intense, emotional and eurofic film score featuring the cello and the piano)

A Fairy Forest (sheet music, a Celtic folk song for orchestra)

Spring (sheet music, a score for a short animation movie)

(The second is an alternative version in which I browse around the project in which I composed this film score)

The moon (sheet music)

Beauty and the Beast (behind the scenes, conducting a live performance)