Here is some music software I have developed, primarily because I was looking for specific functionality that I could not find in existing software.

Universal Converter Prime (Iphone app)

An easy to use and smart unit converter app of 500+ units in a variety of unit sets. With amongst others advanced functionalities to understand energy unit conversions. Find it here.

Ever wanted to understand how to know how much your light bulb consumes in a year? Or how much power a solar panel may produce? This requires energy system analysis with appropriate unit conversions. Ever got lost in counting in common in other areas in the world but not in yours? Here is a simple way to keep track! For this app, I was inspired by my efforts to teach energy systems analysis, where younger students learning to setup basic analyses of the energy transition (e.g. and where older students (and colleagues) use advanced computer models to capture and study important societal and academic questions in the area of the energy transition (e.g. Some of the elementary calculations make use of very different types of energy units which need to be properly converted; they implicitly contain much information about the system context. Not replacing the need to learn, but supporting the intuition, I wanted to develop an iphone app that helps me to understand such relations. And from one thing came another: I tried to capture many unit conversions, intended to be precise about using units. I hope it helps many to gain understanding as well support daily unit conversions! I have many more ideas to add, but feel free to reach out if you have specific ideas and requests!

Tempo Trainer (Iphone app)

An easy to use metronome with setlist functionalities to train tempo, as a prime musician or conductor.

Ever wanted to practice your tempo precision skills as a musician, whether as a musical director, a pianist or guitar player? Easily create your setlists for your gigs and navigate through to practice individual tempi and tempo changes. You can use it live for an easy visual reference or when rehearsing. It is a matter of setting up your gig once and practice with low effort. There is a free version available with ads. Two versions available: a free version with ads and a paid version without ads.

Midi Setlist Controller (Windows/Mac application)

The MidiSetListController enables quick but sophisticated setlists that send particular midi messages to synthesizers or other midi devices, for live performances or studio usages, with intuitive navigation features and advanced midi or keyboard triggers. A key feature is that the setlist can easily shift between presets, but also modify the preset on the fly, for instance enable or disable layered sounds, apply midi control changes, and play sample wave files. The setlist can be navigated by multiple midi triggers, for instance by configuring a pedal that sends a particular control change message. The controller is developed to very quickly make and modify rather complicated setlists, and is robust for a live performance setting. Here is a view of the screen, which has a dashboard on the bottom illustrating the current setting and a display of the past changes.

More information and download: here